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Our company offers home staging service.
The Home Staging is the aesthetic and practical preparation of a home for the real estate market, a set of techniques to enhance your property, make it look more attractive for sale or rent.
The purpose of home staging operation is introduced to optimize the conditions of housing, for it to be sold or rented at the best price and in the shortest time.
The Home Staging is based on various techniques of work: clearing overloaded spaces, furnish and decorate empty space to appear larger and more welcoming; depersonalize the house and give it a neutral in which the potential buyer or renter may feel comfortable , care for the brightness, painting and repairing just enough, giving all the spaces a more modern, fresher, more attractive.
The Home Staging is not interior, but a practical and cost-effective real estate marketing, which facilitates and accelerates the sale or rental of a property. It was born in the U.S. in the 70s, which today is used in more than half of the properties in the property market.
In the U.S., 70% of estate agents recommend this service to its customers and is statistically proven that after an intervention of this type are shortened terms of sale at half time and the price of the property is higher than the price before of conditioning.


1. Clear and Sort

This allows potential buyers or tenants, to get a proper view of the housing characteristics and available space. An overload of ornamental elements can distract the visitor in the details, instead of focusing their attention to the potential of the home. It is advisable to use light and well distributed furniture to not hinder the flow of potential customers when they visit the home.

2. Clean and ventilate

A perfectly clean house gives visitors a favorable image on housing and hints at the way in which care has been taken, building trust. Thorough cleaning is one of the foundations of Home Staging, presenting particular attention to bathrooms and kitchens. Stains, dust, odor, dirt boards tiled with .... may be enough to ward off potential buyers or tenants.

3. Repair and Reform

Nothing gives an image as daunting as a doorknob old man, a broken tile, a door that does not close properly, one faded paint, a tap not set .... We fix all these small details, often neglected due to lack of time in the day to day. These problems may lead to the prospective buyer or tenant or negotiate the price in the best or even dismiss your home.

4. Depersonalize and Harmonize

Family photos, sports trophies, objects with religious or political allusions, children's toys, collections .... all these objects create a very personalized and we save for creating a neutral environment to reach the potential interest buyer. But we have to make some simple items that help us preserve the warmth and harmony of space.
It all adds up to get the crush between the floor and the client.

5. Highlight the strengths

The purpose is to highlight the strengths of your home. In a large room, for example, you should organize the space and the furniture strategically placed to increase the feeling of spaciousness. Prospective purchasers or tenants must be able to project easily in each of the rooms you visit. All spaces are important, we can not neglect the entrance to the house, the first 90 seconds of a visit are crucial and determine the final choice of the visitors.

Parque Constitución, 5, Bajo 3
Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz)
  • Parque Constitución, 5, Bajo 3
  • 06700 Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz)
  • +34 924845448
  • +34 655970354


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